Wildlife-Products supplies high quality tanned animal skins, tanned animal hides and deer antler products. We have a wide variety of game skins, cow skins and sheep skins available at excellent prices. We also provide beautiful interior products made from skin and deer antler. Most of our products are hand selected and handmade, therefor they are of very high quality and unique.

Tanned Skins

We specialize in professionally tanned animal skins.  All our skins are tanned and processed to the highest standard. The majority of our skins are A-grade, the highest quality available, which means that the skins are almost faultless. However, we do stock some lower grade skins and unusual skins, please contact us for any inquiries you may have. 

We currently stock various game skins, sheepskin and cow skins. Please browse through the individual pages for more detailed information. 


Deer Antler Products & Game Cushions

 We also are proud to offer you some quality products made out of deer antler and animal skins. All items are made carefully by hand using only natural products. These antler interior products will add character to any home.

Available now are some stunning game skin cushions made out of animal skin and leather or fabric.  Please browse through the individual pages for more detailed information.